About Us

We are the first hotel group with a lifestyle guarantee. We want to create that home away from home feeling where busy people on the go can strike a balance in their day. A space where you can relax and find inner peace when travelling. We use natural ingredients sourced from local producers in the food we serve, we also care about the environment and our global impact. Our goal is to create a personal wellness journey for our guests with modern concierge services, hospitality and flexibility.
Live life

The concept is adapted to you, the modern traveller. The Marawell concept is created because we care. We care about low food waste, local farmers and fishermen and the everyday guests who spend time visiting Marawell Hotels.  In summary, we take care of your everyday needs and desires.

Live in the moment

The Marawell concept is inspired by Norwegian nature and the abundance it gives to us. Roaring waterfalls and trickling rivers, vibrant green meadows and the earthy scent of the forest. An interior with natural, pure and light Nordic tones makes you want to slow down and breathe. In a fast paced world we know that time is your most precious commodity that is why, we have created an atmosphere where you can be present and choose the activity that suits your mood so that you can re-charge your batteries.

Lifestyle guarantee

Marawell is the first hotel group in Norway to offer a lifestyle guarantee to guests. This means that we will listen so that we can ensure a wellness journey personally tailored to your needs. Our employees are specially qualified to create an atmosphere for relaxation and activity based on each guest’s needs and requests. As our guest you should feel satisfied during your stay and remain satisfied even after you have checked out. Should we not deliver on our promise, we will not charge you for the service in question. This is a promise.

Natural Eating

The ENZO food concept developed by Marawell is summarized into a “circle of responsibility”. All parts of the food items transported into Marawell is planned in details. All service of food is with deepest respect- and all left overs is taken care of one way or another. The vision is zero food waste – because we care. Sustainable packaging and no plastic goes without saying.

Enzo means circle in Japanese. We source the products for our business as a part of this circle, a profound symbol reflecting how we act with both respect and moderation toward the resources we use.

Life Balance

Staying at a Marawell hotel should be an experience that gives you a break from everyday life. In our fitness and wellness centre you have the opportunity to tune your body and soul to give you the little extra so you can face the day with renewed energy and vitality.

Our lounge concept will be a place where you can stop and catch your breath. You can enjoy the silence, be in solitude and concentrate or mingle with colleagues. You can also crawl up in a comfortable chair, listen to your favourite music, read a good book, drink tea – or do absolutely nothing.


Moderne Concierge Service

We have developed a modern concierge service to meet your needs from the time you check in until the time you check out. Our M-concierge service is designed to provide personalised service so that your stay with us is as enjoyable as possible. This means that you can relax, sit on the sofa and check-in, settle your bill in the lounge before you leave and even order your next visit from your office desk.

Flexy Time

We offer flexitime. Marawell is the first hotel group in Norway to offer the convenience of checking in and out at your own convenience.

Marawell Hotels will create an atmosphere with focus on the good life using technology that works for people in a smart way. Living the good life on the go is a fundamental element of our hotel concept.

Marawell Hotel Oslo Airport City is our first hotel, scheduled to open in 2022.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re curious to learn more about us or would like to discuss a collaboration or an upcoming event!