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Eat Well

We want to serve you as much local produce at possible. The nearby farmers and fishermen are our best friends. You can expect healthy and delicious food prepared with fresh and natural ingredients from local producers. We love our greens. We want to do the best for our guests and the world we live in. The circle never stops but continues in a perpetual motion. ENZO is the name of our sustainable food concept. You should feel balanced both mentally and physically during your stay. Live well and healthy, this is our motto.
Healthy and delicious food with local ingredients from both land and sea
The local farmer is our best friend
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Our restaurants will be a fusion of Nordic breeze and Japanese Zen! We have a wide selection for every occasion. Our lounge will be a place where busy people can stop and catch their breath and the outdoor patio area will be an enjoyable place to be. Everything from the rooftop terrace to our bar and restaurant concept will combine fabulous oases and meeting places. The choice is yours; you can sit still and just enjoy, be in solitude and concentrate or mingle with friends and colleagues.

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