ROoMs & SUITes

Live Well

Sleep in a comfortable bed with black-out curtains so you can control the light. Surrounded by warm colours and an interiors inspired by Norwegian nature. Clear, real, honest and natural. We take you on an eco-friendly journey in a hotel where sustainability is seen as one of the good things in life. Comfortable furnishings provide for your well-being. You can choose between concentration and relaxation, in your room you can create any atmosphere.
Our lifestyle guarantee gives you the key to living life to the fullest

In a fast pasted world, time is your most precious commodity. You experience life best when you are in the flow and doing what comes naturally. You seek both energy and concentration. When you are mentally focused you are the best version of yourself. Life is best when you maintain a balance when traveling.

We are your friends and we want all the best for you. We give you the space and ambiance to live in the moment. Our special kind of service makes you feel just like home.

When you have some extra time you can do whatever you want. Live here and now, live in the moment. You can work out, relax, sleep or eat whenever you feel for it. Chill out, read a good book, have a cup of tea, curl up in bed, watch NetFlix and enjoy your time to choose. Our fitness studio is open 24 hours a day. We give you flexibility and peace of mind in a system free from bureaucracy.

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